Adapt’s solutions address the key requirements for large-scale industrial IoT deployments, utilizing the IEEE 802.11ah (“WiFi HaLow”) standard.

Learn more about the WiFi HaLow standard at the WiFi Halow page

WiFi HaLow uses a sub-1GHz frequency range for better penetration through obstacles that would block regular WiFi. With a range of 1km and support for up to 8K stations (sensors), WiFi HaLow delivers the most cost-effective and flexible wireless communication capability specifically suited for l-IoT.

  • Long range
    • More than one kilometer, or 760 acres
    • Frequency range penetrates obstacles
  • Low power
    • More than three years of battery life
  • Low cost
    • Requires no carrier / subscription fees
    • 8191 stations per access point
  • Excellent data rate
    • 150 Kbps - 86.7Mbps
    • Dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Security
    • WPA3, self-contained