Wireless Solutions
for NextGen Industrial IoT

Adapt delivers leading-edge communication systems to significantly improve wireless connectivity for the Industrial IoT market. Our products enable long-range and high-performance video and data transmission, addressing the AI-critical needs (training and inferencing) for industrial control, robotics and security applications. Our target I-IoT market segments include construction, agriculture, logistics and security.

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The use of today’s wireless communications standards (IEEE WiFi 4/5/6) in Industrial IoT (I-IoT) are inadequate to address the critical requirements for cost-effective, large-scale deployments. Limitations of range, power, bandwidth, spatial information and connectivity (indoors & outdoors) are barriers to broad market success. Use of alternative wireless protocols (Bluetooth, ZigBee, NB-IoT, LoRa, Z-Wave, Sigfox) have fallen far short in addressing the market needs.


Adapt is addressing the rapidly expanding market of Industrial 4.0 solutions for Construction, Agriculture, Oil & Gas / Mining and Logistics / Transport. Our products deliver significant economic benefits tailored to address the key requirements of data collection and analytics, along with hardware solutions tailored to the appropriate cost, range, form-factor and power requirements for each of these markets. Adapt offers a family of products that supports real-time, bi-directional, communication - spanning sensor data and location, video and voice - from the field to the edge and onwards to the cloud.

“Wi-Fi HaLow is the best choice for sensor communication and video feeds in RF challenged environments, such as manufacturing floors, construction sites, and commercial buildings.

Operating in the ISM sub-GHz band, the certification of Wi-Fi HaLow brings exciting new features of key importance to the IoT marketplace. Wi-Fi HaLow delivers longer reach (more than 1Km), higher throughput, large scale station deployments due to grouping and scheduling, lower latency, and long battery lifetime.

As part of the Wi-Fi family, Wi-Fi HaLow capitalizes on the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and robust end-to-end security, with multicast, and broadcast capabilities that allows for field software upgradability.”

Michael “Mac” McNamara – President and CEO, Adapt



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HaLow Development Platforms

Available Now

  • FPGA-based systems for use in Pilot Projects package for early adopters to prototype IoT networks
  • HDP-100: Application Development for in-house integration and i/f validation
  • HDP-200: Deployment System with 1KM range
  • HDP-300: Adds Indoor & Outdoor Location support – with our innovative Spatial-IQTM with sub-meter accuracy

Note: Each bundle includes hardware units, software API for Provisioning & Network Management and Edge / Cloud Application integration services

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HSoM Family

HaLow System-on-Module (HSoM) includes:
  • Credit card sized module, used as a Station (STA) and also connected to existing Access Points (AP)
  • Supports Wired Interfaces:
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • USB OTG & UART
    • MicroSD Card
    • Configurable 40 GPIO
  • Sensor Interface Support