Adapt’s chips and systems deliver your data more reliably, securely, over longer distances, and more cost effectively than any other electronic data transmission available today. 

Built on the recent IEEE 802.11ah (“HaLow”) standard, Adapt’s solutions address the key requirements for large-scale industrial IoT deployments:

  • Long range
    • More than one kilometer, or 760 acres
    • Frequency range penetrates obstacles
  • Low power
    • More than three years of battery life
  • Low cost
    • Requires no carrier / subscription fees
    • 8191 stations per access point
  • Excellent data rate
    • 150 Kbps - 300 Mbps
    • Dynamic bandwidth allocation

Market segments served by Adapt include agriculture, construction, logistics, manufacturing and retail.

Adapt is a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance

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