Adapt is a member of a number of partnership programs, including:

Aegis-IP Group

Adapt-IP is a founding member of the Aegis-IP Group, which was formed to integrate together IP from suppliers into a complete subsystems, and provide a single point of purchase, support and maintenance for easy deployment of these subsystems into ASICs and FPGAs.

Aegis-IP Group

Analog Devices
Adapt-IP provides the HDP-100 and HDP-200 development platforms which leverage the power of Analog Devices' "RadioVerse" SDR transceiver. See more at Adapt | Industrial IoT Solution based on ADRV9361 SOM

Cadence Connections

Cadence Design Systems enables global electronic-design innovation and plays a role in the creation of integrated circuits and electronics. Cadence software and hardware, methodologies, and services are used to design and verify advanced semiconductors, printed circuit boards and systems used in consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems.

Wi-Fi Alliance
The Wi-Fi Alliance drives global Wi-Fi adoption and evolution through thought leadership, spectrum advocacy, and industry-wide collaboration. Adapt works with the WiFi Alliance to help ensure that our Wi-Fi devices and networks provide users the interoperability, security, and reliability they have come to expect.

Xilinx Associate

The Xilinx Alliance Program is a worldwide ecosystem of qualified companies collaborating with Xilinx to further the development of All Programmable technologies. Leveraging open platforms and standards, Xilinx has built this ecosystem to meet customer needs and is committed to its long-term success. Comprised of IP providers, EDA vendors, embedded software providers, system integrators, and hardware suppliers, Alliance members help accelerate design productivity while minimizing risk.

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