IEEE 802.11 ah WiFi HaLow

WiFi HaLow adapts the familiar WiFi standard to a frequencey and connection style that is ideally suited to the Internet of Everything.

Operating in the sub gigahertz range, this standard delivers 1 km range in point-to-point links and > 1km in 2-hop relays. By using a token-ring style of client management, a single HaLow access point can completely support up to 8191 clients, and provides adaptive bandwidth to each client based on their identified data transport needs.

We deliver as a part of our Aegis-IP Group, a complete digital core (AWS7611) which implements the MAC and Baseband layers of this protocol. The AWS7611 has a bus master AXI interface to provide maximum throughput with minimal process intervention, and a processor core with additional bandwidth to host your application. When combined with a suitable radio from one of our partners this core gives you everything you need to enable your products to join the Internet of Everything.

Coded in System C and built with the Cadence Stratus HLS tool, user customization is readily available.

Adapt-IP's 802.11 ah core can be ordered in the following configurations:
  • SystemC model for inclusion in a virtual platform system model
  • Synthesizable Verilog RTL for implementation in an FPGA or ASIC
    • For ASIC, specify the required technology (.lib file)
  • Test board with the core(s) implemented in an FGPA, with firmware loaded into the board's flash memory
  • Customized core
    • Adapt IP can customize the core to meet nearly any customer requirement

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