USB 3.0

See also our USB 2.0 products and their data sheets:

Universal Serial Bus 3.0 (SuperSpeed)

USB 3 SuperSpeed compliant device and embedded host. Can be used separately or together as a USB 3 SuperSpeed OTG device (On The Go).

All components provide maximum sustained SuperSpeed throughput of 5GBS full duplex(4GBS after 8b/10b overhead).

The device comes with working / useful firmware to implement a UASP mass storage device as well as an endpoint wrap performance demonstration with associated Windows device driver and test application. The embedded host comes with Linux drivers as well as Micrium USB stack drivers.

Both the device and host have bus master AXI interfaces to provide maximum throughput with minimal process intervention.

Coded in System C and built with the Forte HLS tool, user customization is readily available.

Adapt-IP's USB 3 device cores can be ordered in the following configurations:
  • SystemC model for inclusion in a virtual platform system model
  • Synthesizable Verilog RTL for implementation in an FPGA or ASIC
    • For ASIC, specify the required technology (.lib file)
  • Test board with the core(s) implemented in an FGPA, with firmware loaded into the board's flash memory
  • Customized core
    • Adapt IP can customize the core to meet nearly any customer requirement

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